Wait, let’s see if we know where you are coming from. You need a brand that sells, quality work, a Madison Avenue feel, without the Madison Avenue budget. At Randall Marketing Solutions, LLC we understand that building a ‘Brand’ for a Company’s success is a ‘process’.  Our ‘10-Step Process’ is creatively-designed for us to walk alongside our clients to learn who they are and what they do (business strategy), which will greatly assist us in developing:

  • ‘Brand’ messaging
  • ‘Brand’ strategy
  • ‘Brand’ value
  • A strong, well-differentiated ‘Brand’ presence

In short, our ‘10-Step Process’ creates a road map for success to attract clients to your ‘Brand’! 


B•Flat Food Trucks are now the sensation in Shreveport, LA.  Our team carefully built their brand from the ground-up!  With music at the roots of all good food in Louisiana, you’ll never forget the taste, sounds, and flavor of BFlat Flatbread & Burritos.

March 2021

Texas Elite Generators wanted our team to create a brand image, which reflected and communicated the quality and feel of Texas! The brand development campaign included a new logo, website, collateral print brochures, and business card.  This project moved quickly, and TEG was competitive from their first day of operation back in 2017.

July 2017

Primo Contractors performs construction management and General Contractor roles in all its development projects.  We are known for our excellent project-management skills, high-quality construction work, and efficient execution.

November 2020


Sean Randall | Brand Strategist & Web & Graphic Designer

Tiffany King | Web Designer & Social Media Marketing & Ecommerce Specialist

Vanna Maldano | Web Designer & Digital Strategist

Mark Avalos | Web & Graphic Designer

John Murphy | Creative Director

Adam Castillo | Writer & Senior Producer

We are marketing communications professionals that create ideas that sell! We are creative minds who produce their best ideas in collaborative team efforts with our clients.

Let us help you get to the brand destination you deserve.